Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Journalists : Take a look

So, I'm sitting here watching Gov Paterson of NY, giving the State of the State message. While he's talking I'm googling. The search term was Paterson State of the State transcript. The following link came up, before he finished the speech.

The thing is I forget most of what I hear, but only about 40% of what I read. If I'm interested in figuring out what's really going on, I have to read it a couple of times. Stopping. Mulling. Going forward. Going backward.

Truth be told, I'm a semi-retired baby boomer political junkie blooger, so I have lots of time to do what interests me. But, I'm hoping to do a search later in the day to find the journos who are crafting the stories that will tell the good parts to their readers. Me? I am a nerd who can read it myself.

Stay posted to see if I find what I'm looking for. Here's how it worked out the next day.

Oh. . .I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. So if you could get the reactions of my state assemblyman and state senator to see what they think, that would be cool. And if you have the time to tell me how his proposals might affect my neighborhood, my beloved Brooklyn and my city that would be even cooler.

And not to worry. Take your time. Get in touch with one of my local newspapers. Email them with the story. I'll read in next week's Print issue . . . while I'm on way to the supermarket.

Here's the link to the transcript:

Transcript of Gov. David Paterson's State of the State address for 2009

Posted by The Post-Standard January 07, 2009 1:53PM

To my colleagues and partners in government, Attorney General Cuomo, Comptroller DiNapoli, Speaker Silver, Leader Smith, Leader Skelos, Leader Tedisco, distinguished members of the legislature and members of the Court of Appeals - it is an honor to stand before you today to deliver my first annual message. To all of our partners outside of State government - including members of our Congressional delegation and all the mayors and other elected officials here with us today - thank you for being here. A special welcome to Governors Hugh Carey, Mario Cuomo and George Pataki. We are honored by your presence here today.

My fellow New Yorkers: Let me come straight to the point - the state of our state is perilous.

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