Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If Printers and Designers are in the Media Business. . .

from 10 Suggestions for Media Survival - Seeking Alpha
After a yo-yo of hope and no hope, now we move to the only discussion that really matters: What to do about it. Edward Roussel, head of digital at the Telegraph in London, writes an inspired essay telling newspapers what they should do - if it isn’t too late.
The next ten points are about newspapers. The full article is at the click. it's worth the read. Meanwhile, consider how the same applies to a printing company or a design studio or a marketing/PR firm or . . . . any communication provider. Notice that experiment is last.

1. Narrow the focus.

2. Plug into a network.

3. Rolling news with views.

4. Engage with your readers.

5. Bottom up, not top down.

6. Embrace multimedia.

7. Nimble, low-cost structures.

8. Invest in the Web.

9. Shake up leadership.

10. Experiment.

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